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What is/was Flappy Bird?

Flappy Bird is/was an Android/iOS game that topped the charts and was the game of the moment prior to being removed by the author. It was a maddeningly difficult challenge in which a small bird has to be moved through a world of pipes. This, cursed to move forward, forced to tap to stay afloat played the screen. You existed in a world of pipes. Pipes grew upward from the ground, emerged downward from the heavens, never to meet. The main goal of the game is to drive the bird through the narrow space between the pipes.

Flappy Bird was terribly difficult , you gain a point each time you fly by a pair of pipes, and it was not uncommon at all to score only two points , or a point , or no points at all. Your whole game should not last more than a few seconds. Like many of the smartphone games that dominate our lives for a few days , Flappy Bird was a twitch game that has 1 goal: Lead the bird through pipes with the perfect timing!

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